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If an employee were to give their notice today, what would you do to keep them?  Don't wait to recognize your employees.

I place C-Suite Level Executives to hands-on Individual Contributor roles

Venture-Backed Growth Startups | Mid-Size Companies | Major Corporations

Value-added, top-producing AIRS TRAINED Managing Director, Executive Recruiter, Expert  Sourcing Specialist with 20+ years' experience with a strong combination of sales & talent acquisition expertise. Offer a unique ability to develop & implement innovative talent acquisition process & strategies for companies during periods of rapid expansion.

With extensive training, I'm an expert at sourcing talent which enables me to produce results domestically within any market or industry.

My passion is helping companies grow & being a part of a company's story!


It is a privilege to partner with CEO's, CTO's, VP's, Directors, Managers, HR Partners of venture-backed growth startups, mid-size companies & large corporations to assist in building successful teams.  Passionate about assisting candidates in making the right career move.

A hire can impact the bottom line. I speak with executives & candidates all over the country daily, which provides a unique insider’s perspective of the industry & market.


Tailored to each client company's specific needs

- CONTINGENCY - Contingency search is a good option when you don't need to have someone yesterday or your hiring requirements are less rigid.  Contingency is based on a percentage of the first year's annual base salary, (not including bonuses, etc.).  If you are looking for someone to find candidates, screen resumes and submit them, contingency would be a good bet.  Full fee is due & payable 30 days after the candidate's start date.


- RETAINED SEARCH - Retained may also work well for mid to upper level management, executives and C-Suite roles or if you routinely hire a multitude of employees year after year. In addition, should you have domestic United States search needs, retained works because you can fill lower level roles but keep the attention of the recruiter since they know they won't be working for free.  One third of the fee is due & payable at time of search initiation, and the final two thirds of the fee is due & payable 30 days after the candidate's start date.


- ENGAGED - In engaged recruiting, a percentage of the fee is due & payable when the search starts, but the rest of the fee is due & payable only if a candidate the recruiter has found is placed. So, you get the benefits of retained search – a pay-for-performance search but one that ensures you have the recruiter's attention because you pay some up front.

- CONTRACT - iPRO also has contracting services and Employer of Record Services available upon request.  Ask for a separate consultation to assess your needs.


AIRS CSMR Training - Social Media Recruiter
AIRS CIR Training - Internet Recruiter | SearchLab 13.0
AIRS ACIR Training - AdvancedLab 3.0 - Advanced Internet Recruiter
AIRS CSSR Training - Social Sourcing Recruiter 6.0
AIRS CDR 11 Training - Diversity & Inclusion Recruiter
AIRS PRC Training - Professional Recruiter 4.0
AIRS CMVR Training - Military Veteran Recruiter

AIRS Recruiter's Ultimate Guide to Google 
AIRS Getting the most out of Google Chrome
AIRS Locating & Engaging Technical Talent 
AIRS Recruiting & Hiring Skilled Trades
AIRS Negotiating & Closing Strategies
AIRS Fearless Cold Calling
AIRS Discovering Candidate Contact Information
AIRS Maximizing Time Management Through a Successful Sourcing Plan
AIRS Preparing & Conducting Great Intake Calls
AIRS Harness Your Greatest Assets & Optimize Your Referral Program
AIRS Critical Elements for Successfully Writing Job Postings
AIRS Talking Through Text
AIRS Performance-Based Interviewing
AIRS More Data Centric Recruiting

AIRS Technical Terminology


AIRS ADVANCED BOOLEAN Search | AIRS SOCIAL MEDIA Sourcing | AIRS ADVANCED INTERNET Sourcing | LinkedIn Recruiter | Expansive ATS | Universities | Associations | & tools for talent acquisition within various technology domains & markets

Industrial Automation | Manufacturing | Mechanical | Robotics | Autonomous Vehicle - "AV" | Electric Vehicle - "EV" | Artificial Intelligence - "A.I." | Semiconductor | Firmware | Cloud | Networking/Network Security | Systems Engineering | I.T. | Systems Administration | QA/Test | Software (Front & Back End)

Medical Device | Pharmaceutical | Sales Rep | Sales Manager | Hospital | Surgery Center | Med Spa

Fintech | Finance | Accounting



- CEO- Chief Executive Officer

- COO - Chief Operating Officer

CIO - Chief Information Officer

- CFO - Chief Financial officer

CTO - Chief Technical Officer

- CMO - Chief Marketing Officer


VP - Vice President





Engineer / Developer / Programmer  | Architect | Solutions Architect | Solutions Engineer | FAE - Field Application Engineer | Sales Engineer | Network Engineer | I.T. | Infrastructure Engineer | System Administrator | Systems Engineer | QA - Test | Product  (Manager / Director / VP) | Project  (Manager / Director / VP) | Program (Manager / Director / VP) | Marketing (Manager / Director / VP) | Business Development  (Manager / Director / VP) | Sales (Sales Rep / Manager / Director / VP) | Online | SEO | Technical Support  ..... & MUCH MORE



Sheldon, CEO

Donna is outstanding to work with. She's helped our company grow over the years. Excellent asset for any company looking to grow fast.


Bill, Director Product Management - Real-time Networking | Smart Grid

Donna is by far the best recruiter that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She helped place me with Silver Spring Networks in the early stages of the company and followed up regularly once I had been placed to make sure that I had made the right decision. Over the years, she remained in touch to make sure that things were going well for me and that type of commitment is rare these days. I would recommend Donna to any organization/company that is looking for a seasoned professional recruiter that has an uncanny ability to place candidates as proper fits while maintaining the "win/win" mentality that helps create happy customers on both sides. Donna is personable, professional, diligent & focused. You really will not find better in the space.

Todd, VP Engineering | Chief Architect

Client Company - Enterprise | Data Center | Cloud | Networking

I have been in engineering management and dealt with recruiting for over 20 years.  Donna has been an outstanding recruiter to work with.  The primary reason is that she is efficient with my time.  She provides me only with qualified candidates that fit my job description, I never have to sort through resumes that are not a fit.  Also excellent at understanding and honing some of the finer qualities in candidates at my request. 


Beyond just supplying candidates, the interview and communication process is also efficient, working together, engaging candidates.  I also get excellent feedback as part of the negotiation process; good “closer”.  I like to work quickly with a hot candidate and she is a great fit in that area as well. 


Very personable to work with which takes some of the tedium out of recruiting. 

Steve, VP of Engineering

Client Company - Enterprise | Data Center | Cloud | Networking

You did a great job and I enjoyed working with you. I found the entire life cycle (sourcing, interviewing, offer, close) to be quite smooth. The resumes were what we were looking for and you did a great job of helping us arrange times to interview the candidates. After we made the offers, you would work with the candidate to understand the entire compensation package. Finally, you stayed in communication with us and the candidate to get us to closure. Given the opportunity, I would definitely work with you again.

Gabriel, CEO | Co-Founder

Client Company - Mobile

Donna is a Senior Technical Recruiter that was referred to me and quickly established herself as our primary recruiter. 


She successfully filled our Director of Marketing role with an exceptional candidate whom we promoted to V.P. of Marketing shortly after a month of his hire.  He’s still playing a key role in our growth!!  This was a technical role.


In addition, we subsequently had Donna source for our contract CFO.  She presented us with several top-notch candidates and found us a great match.  The contract CFO created a 5-year Financial Forecast from the ground up.


Donna was hands-on throughout the entire hiring process and I highly recommend her.  She was able to expedite the process quickly so that we did not lose out on either candidate.  She is sharp, understands technology well and was concise in her ability to target candidates that met our requirements.  In addition, she was extremely helpful when it came to closing the candidates.  I also appreciated her light-hearted personality.


Donna is a true benefit to have on board as an outside agency.  I will most definitely work with her again on our next round of hires.

Tom, Software Development Manager

Donna is an amazing person to work with.  She understands the stress involved in a job hunt and more so when the new job requires you to make a big move. She is very professional and prompt with her responses when it comes to assisting you in your job search and finding the right fit. I highly recommend her if you're looking for a job consultant

Christina, Systems Administrator/Operations Engineer

Donna is easy to work with, patient, thoughtful and professional. She follows up with her clients in helping them through and after the interview process with suggestions, advice, and feedback You don't feel rushed when working with her. I would not hesitate to partner with her again. Thank you, Donna!

Ivan, Network Engineer, System Engineer, Network and System Analyst, Solution Architect

I had a great experience partnering with Donna. She is very thoughtful and took the time to teach me new techniques to implement within my job search. In addition, she also provided me with guidance that would assist me with the interviewing process. 

I highly recommend companies & candidates to partner with her as she really cares about the individual and sourcing a great fit between the company & candidate.


Konstantin, Software Engineer

I'd like to thank you for your assistance - it was a great pleasure working with you. Hope we'll work again in the future

Mo, Project Manager / Network Engineering

"I had the pleasure to work with Donna during my job search. Donna gave me great advice and helped me to line up my profile and avoid a few mistakes for future job search. I appreciate all the advice she provided and I enjoy her enthusiasm and encouragement."

Andrew, Systems Administrator

Donna... So pleasant and refreshing... Your professionalism comes across so personably. Your style invites honest and important dialog, quickly getting to core issues. You inspire confidence and trust. It is a pleasure working with you.

Jeremy, Principal Storage Engineer

Honestly, you have a very refreshing way of doing business for someone who called me out of the blue. I very much respect a faster timeline so neither of us is thinking down a path that may or may not be a good fit in the end. I get calls like this all the time but rarely entertain them, you must be very good at your job. If you need anything at all of me please don't hesitate to call. 

"GIVING BACK" Please consider sponsoring a child in need





#Private Equity Consultant #Capital Raising #Startup #FundRaising #Entrepreneur

I also advise CEO's & high-level executives who are seeking private equity.
- I consult with a company that helps incubate, create & launch private equity
- They have raised over $15 Billion in funding for OZF's
- Completed over 70 qualified OZF's that have ranged from $50M to $500M
- Whether your business needs to raise a minimum of $5M, $25M, $50M, and more, we can consult with you on how to get your business there. Please reach out to me for additional details.

Reach out to me for additional details.

Donna Rapson

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